The Travlr Lightroom Presets Collection are made by us with love for all you photographers out there! Whether you are an aspiring photographer, a snap happy shooter or a working professional – our presets are designed to help you speed up your work flow or to easily achieve the look you want.
Best of all, they are totally free.

looks presets

The Looks presets are a range of popular and modern looks. They range from faded treatments to warm washes.


Carefully crafted with the undying love for film, the Travlr Film Presets are designed to emulate the look of modern and classic films.

Included Presets

Looks Presets

Warm Wash
High Contrast Warm
High Contrast Red
Orange Teal

Orange Blue
Black White Warm
Black White Dark Faded
Faded Amber
Faded Dark Purple

Faded High Contrast
Faded Blue Yellow
Faded Cool
Sunset Afternoon
Warm Faded Slide

Orange Blue Slide Film
Cloud & Sky Boost
HDR Treatments
Vintage Punch
+ many more

FILM Presets

Agfa Scala 200
Agfa Vista 100
Fuji Superia 100
Fuji 160
Fuji Astia 100

Fuji Fortia
Fuji FP-100
Fuji FP-3000b
Fuji Neopan
Fuji Provia

Kodak BW400CN
Kodak Ektar 100
Kodak Gold 100
Kodak Max 800
Kodak Portra 160

Kodak Royal Gold 400
Kodak T-MAX 3200
Kodak UltraMax 400
Polaroid 669
+ many more



Our presets will work with the majority of modern cameras from Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Sony, Olympus and works best with RAW images. To use our presets, you will need a copy of Adobe Lightroom which can be purchase and downloaded here.

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