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Travlr.photography is your essential travel and photography blog. Come on in and check out our weekly travel and photography posts. Follow us on our travels and we will share our experiences, tips and guides. Along the way, we will also share with you tips on how to take amazing photographs that you will be proud to hang on your wall.


Bitt-n.com Chloe

Chloe is the planner of the duo and is always dreaming about which part of the world she can go to next. She loves travelling to new, wonderful places and sharing her experiences along the way. Before she goes on one trip, she will already have the next couple lined up. No matter what her day job is, from previously being a Dietitian to now being an Accountant, the one thing that remains true to her heart has been her love for travel and photography.


bitt-n.com Andy

Producer by day and a full time camera nerd at all other times, Andy is the creative child of the duo. His obsession for all things cameras and photography drives him to go above and beyond to get that perfect shot.

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